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Silicone Containers

Model: WXC-9
Silicon wax dab station...
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Model: WXC-7
Smll tin container with interior silicon wax station, including two containers, two holes, and a dabber, camo colored...
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Model: WXC-6
Lego block shaped, 7 containers, silicone...
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Model: WXC-11
Extract lovers Silicon Jar. This is a 5.5" tall, 4" wide, rounded silicon jar container that is shaped like an oil barrel drum. Hold as much concentrate as you can extract and more. Non stick color combo silicon material...
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Model: WXC-10
Assorted barrel shaped, silicon wax containers. Assorted colors and designs...
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Model: WXC-1
Small, discreet wax containers, assorted coloring 1.4"x.8"..
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