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MOB Hookahs

Model: MOB-HK1042
Mob Mini Spider stands around 13 inches tall, but smokes like the Big Boys. This spider is designed to look good on any table top with it's awesome colors...
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Model: MOB-HK1008
Crystal Skull Shaped Hookah. This hookah is 19" tall and comes with a base, tray, stem, bowl and hose. Stainless Steel Stem, medical Grade silicone Hose with Aluminum handle matte Black Tray..
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Model: MOB-HK1038
MOB Sub-Zero, the ultimate freezable hookah session. Consists of 3 freezing elements. The Stem, the base and the hose. Only by MOB hookah...
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Brand: MOB Hookahs Model: MOB-HK-1037
Join the Dark side with MOB's Vader Hookah..
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Brand: MOB Hookahs Model: MOB-HK-1036
The MOB cup hookah is just what you need if you are looking for a shisha pipe that is absolutely compact and enough for a party of one. It features a cup shaped base, short stem and bowl, all adding up to 11 inches. It is designed to give you full enjoyment of your favorite shisha flavors.The MOB cu..
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Brand: MOB Hookahs Model: MOB-HK-1035
Introducing MOB's newest and most elegant hookah yet, the Medusa Hookah. It comes equipped with a soft silicone and aluminum handle, making it easier to hold. Attached with a fifty plus inch long reptilian pattern hose and staring dead at u is a Medusa head...
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Model: MOB-HK2032
The MOB Atlantis Hookah stands around 21 inches tall...
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Model: MOB-HK2028
The MOB Hydra N123 hookah is a sleek hookah that is only 18" in height, perfect to take on the go. The Hydra hookah comes complete with a hose, bowl and tongs...
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Model: MOB-HK1020
Intrigue your guests with this modern, non ordinary looking, minimalistic design MOB Box. There is no doubt, this hookah was born to be a part of the night life of every city in the world. Very steady, and impossible to knock over. Made out of plexiglass which makes it unbreakable. Box is a little b..
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Model: MOB-HK1019
Travelers hookah stand around 14 inches tall. They are very sturdy and fully made out of acrylic, which means they are light weight & somewhat unbreakable. These features make for great companionship for traveling to beaches or any outdoor activities. 60 inch hose come included...
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