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Amira Hookahs

Model: CK5011
This Amira Aura Hookah has a stainless steel tube & downtube with diffuser. Aeorspace grade aluminum stern & Click Technology that locks the hookah stem to the hookah vase. This product includes Heavy Aluminum Tray, funnel hookah bowl. 10" grip handle hose with color matching tip. Tong & Amira Clay ..
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Model: CK5014
The 24" Amira Kirin Hookah with Click Technology is one of Amiras newest wood stem hookahs. This is a beautiful hookah that comes in 3 different color. It is Natural Wood Shaft with Stainless Steel Tube, downtube with diffuser, aerospace grade aluminum hardware. It also features a 12" matching woode..
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Model: CK5013
Time to let your other hookahs take a break and let the quality of your hookah tobacco session fall on the shoulders of the Atlas hookah from Amira. This hookah is 27 inches tall and is crafted with high quality stainless steel, so your stem will be resistant to flavor ghosting. With proper maintena..
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Model: CK5003
The Amira Taurus Hookah stands at 24" in height and is part of the Amira Click Technology family with a twist lock connection between the stem and base. The Amira Taurus is sleek in design and comes with a reflective trumpet style base for added stability. Just as most other Amira hookahs, it come..
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Model: CK5001
This 18" Nebula from Amira Hookah with Click Technology has 3 color choices, Black, Green & Gold. It features stainless steel tube & a downtube with diffuser. An aerospace grade aluminum stem & the Click Technology that locks hookah stem to the hookah vase. Nebula includes a heavy aluminum tray, fun..
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