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Model: EX-66
Dr. CBD Premium Hemp Nugz only ingredient is a CBD hemp plant flower cured in the great states of America. All 10 grams of flowers are contained in a tightly sealed container...
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Model: EX-50-
Dr. CBD plant flower is cured in the great states of America. Flowers are contained in a small package as indicated in the photo. Dr. CBD is a vegan Non GMO hemp products that you can buy here and it's under the THC legal limit (3.5 grams). New Strains, Lifter & Rise Up...
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Model: EX-176
Dr. CBD Hemp individually wrapped this CBD Doobie with a Raw joint. Each king size comes intended to last 2-3 sessions containing 80% Flower, 20% Kief & under 0.3% THC. Made with the finest graded premium hemp, each doobie is 1.2 grams. 4 flavor each...
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